Friday, June 18, 2010

Book o' the Month: The Island

I read about The Island, by Victoria Hislop, in this post at The Jolly Bee. And since it is the favorite book of Some of a Kind's Adrienne, I decided to check it out from my local library. It is very intriguing, I think, to read others' favorite books.

The Island is a novel, based on historical fact. It is a story that crosses four generations of women of Greek heritage. It is a page-turner for sure, and a good summer read.

I'll be posting about my all-time favorite book after I reread it this summer.... What's yours?


  1. Well, thank you for that shout-out! I really enjoyed this book. I've never given a second thought to leprosy (shame on me). It was so sad, yet really informative. A very good read.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait to hear what your fav book is.