Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Should I Do, Mama?

Just a few days into summer vacation, and Valerie is already asking me, "What should I do, Mama?" I guess this is to be expected. She is used to the non-stop planned activity of kindergarten. But I am a little unprepared. And Valerie is the kind of person who likes to make things. All the time. Like first thing in the morning. Paper, scissors, tape, and glue are her friends. I actually think it is quite wonderful.

After I had suggested a number of things which were not exciting enough for her, I spied a toilet paper roll tube (which, you have to understand, is not a strange thing at all in our house, in any room of the house, as I save these little tubes for my prolific daughter to use in her creating, and which end up all over the house--I am looking at four of them she put together to make a "rocket" for Andrew, right now). Then I remembered a craft project in Family Fun magazine in which each member of the family's face is put on TP (toilet paper) roll tubes along with cutout paper clothes and hats. And then I remembered the page below from the same magazine where facial features were cut from photos in magazines and used to make faces.

I told/showed these ideas to Valerie and she was off! Here's what she came up with.

That's her, Andrew and me, sitting on the windowsill. Actually the tubes are on the sill, and the paper pants legs hang over. Turned out cute, dontcha think?

(I'll tell you about how I organize the neat ideas I find in Family Fun and other places in another post.)


  1. That's a very cheerful family of toilet paper rolls. Clever indeed. (And trust me -- even as teens, sometimes my kids mope around wondering what to do -- and I can never find any spare moments).

  2. I remember driving my mom insane asking her to figure out what i could do to entertain myself... I look forward to your next post about organization-- i'm always tearing pages out of magazines and losing them.

  3. Those are adorable little people!! I remember doing this when I was younger!! I love how she made them hang over the sill! I also love how (you?) are waving!! Cute!!