Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dribble Castles

When I was a kid I loved making dribble castles at the beach. Not only do they look magical and mysterious, but the sand and water dripping through my fingers feels so neat. This past beach vacation, Valerie started to get the hang of it, while Andrew mostly enjoyed getting himself into the hole behind the castle wall.

The way I like to design them, my dribble castles often end up looking like giant tiaras waiting to crown the head of a sea goddess.

Have you ever made a dribble castle?


  1. I'm way better at dribble castles than the real thing ... I'm going to have to try my 'hand' at them again when we go back to the beach!

  2. I remember Grandpa teaching me how to make these and then I taught my siblings.....I think I will be teaching someone else soon!!
    Thanks for this memory.

  3. I never tried this -- but it looks really neat. Personally, I was the queen of mud pies.

  4. Tons of them ;o) I spent all my childhood vacations by the sea

  5. Yes! Love to do these!! We just did these with Bailey at the beach last time!!