Thursday, July 8, 2010

Embroidery and the Beach

While on vacation at the beach, I was itching to work on a new project. I bought two pre-printed pillowcases, embroidery thread (I love choosing from those little drawers), a hoop, and needles at the local five and dime (really!). A simple project I could pick up and put down throughout the day without too much concentration or frustration. I had forgotten how much I enjoy embroidery.

This is how Valerie's turned out. Now I am working on Andrew's and when I'm finished I'll add crochet edgings. Next week I'll share an embroidery project I worked on (also while on vacation at the beach) a gazillion years ago--when I was about twelve.


  1. I just love stitched pillowcases -- they remind me of my grandmother's house.

  2. That is a neat idea (I might use this when Bailey gets a little older! Do you draw a pattern out before, like pencil it on?) I think I would have to!! I love working on small projects at the beach, always relaxing and nice!!

  3. I haven't embroidered since 8th grade!!
    Wish I had time:) Thanks for sharing your end products.