Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old Friends (Re-Post)

I've been reconnecting with old friends from high school lately. Some of us have been catching up online, exchanging the facts about our lives. Married? Kids? Job? Where? Sending out photos of our children and spouses, and of our own faces.

I've also met up with some old friends in person. I've enjoyed it so much. And I don't even get very nervous about it. I think that's because I really just want to show off my kids. See what I did? See?!

What I'm finding I like most about these visits, however, is the sense of familiarity I feel. After all, I spent years and years with these people, days upon days noticing all sorts of small details in their appearance, mannerisms, and personalities. There is something so comforting in that knowing. Everyone changes, but some things remain the same.

I like that we already know each other. We got over all that first meeting jittery-ness a long time back. Now it's just pick up where we left off, even if that was nearly 20 years ago. Then, we can get to know each other as our older, perhaps wiser, versions of ourselves. Some of the old labels have become misplaced, or simply fallen off and left behind. I think about listing my accomplishments: college degrees, travel, jobs. And before I start feeling a little unaccomplished, I remember that getting the dishes done today before we ran out of plates was quite an accomplishment for me, in my life, right now. That, and my 2 darling children. See?!

I like it when we get past the reminiscing and the updating about all we have heard about everyone else. I like it when we start to converse in real time. That's when we start to really see each other. And the connection is refreshed.

And I really like it when my old friends say to me, "You look just the same."

(Photo is of me, age 17, in awesome mint green prom dress.)


  1. Love the dress. Can't wait to catch up next week!

  2. You DO look just the same! Can't wait to see all of you...Boy, how time does fly...

  3. Great post! And you SO do look the same!!! See you very soon! In person not just on fb.

  4. Girl, I had a turquoise blue one just like yours - circa 1990 perhaps? Oh ... and shoes and a hairbow died to match.

    Rock on.

  5. Facebook made going to my 20th last year so easy. I felt like I had caught up with so many people already, that we truly could just be together, laugh, have fun and ENJOY! I hope you have the same positive and wonderful experience I did.


  6. Thanks for the great post. Especially for reminding me that sometimes the greatest accomplishments are the little things like getting the laundry done and folded and put away before anyone runs out of clean underwear!

  7. Amen and amen and amen again! By the way, my fuschia prom dress and your green prom dress would look great together... ;) --sarah d.