Thursday, August 19, 2010

Message Heart

The night before Valerie's first day of first grade, I waited 'til she was asleep, then slipped into the guest room to sew up a little surprise to tuck into her lunch box.

I simply drew a heart freehand onto some gingham scrap fabric left over from her dress, cut it out, put a strip of trim (also from the dress) in between the layers, then sewed it around, leaving a space for stuffing. I turned it right side out, stuffed it with poly fill, and hand-stitched up the open space.

Next, Tom and I wrote her a little first day of school love note, and slid it into place under the strip of trim. In the morning after packing Valerie's lunch, I snuck the message heart into her new dinosaur lunch box.

Valerie liked it. And she told me she can also use it as a heart finger puppet. So, two things in one!


  1. Oh Sara, that is one of the sweeest things I have ever seen. I hope you see the potential for message memories here! Can you imagine making her a new heart every year (for as long as you are allowed to make that first day outfit) and the love sewn into each one. I am imagining retired hearts that you have saved filled with messages to a daughter at college, a new bride, a new mother....grandchildren.
    LOVE IT!!

  2. what a lovely idea, so sweet, you are such a great mom and so creative, loved your story and glad the blog is back, love Vera

  3. So sweet! My kids used to love it when I tucked notes in their lunch bags or back-packs. You take it up a notch, for sure!