Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rockin' to the Post Office

I tossed the letter onto the passenger seat, then buckled my seat belt. I started the car, backed out of the drive. I turned on the stereo, volume level 10, no 12. No, 14.

The windows rolled down, breeze cooling off the sauna-like interior of the car, I drove up the hill. Singing out loud the words to one of my favorite new songs.

Breathe it out
I can hear you now
You think reality's shut you down
And you're locked away
Where you can't get out

Within minutes I had dropped the letter in the mail box, and was heading back home. The song faded out. I selected another favorite. I was home a couple of minutes in. I could have stayed out in the car listening. But I turned it off, and went on inside.

A brief space of bliss, rockin' to the post office and back home.

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  1. Once in a while, I get to go to the farmers market by myself. To be able to breathe fresh air, eat some favorite foods and really relax .....PRICELESS!! Then the phone rings, daddy says ....the girls are asking for mommy. My special moment is over, until next time.