Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Domestic Disaster

I am a horrible housekeeper. I often say, "I can't believe just how much I can't get done." Being a mama to two little ones takes a lot of time. Priorities are feeding and care of the kids, dishes, laundry. I clean the bathrooms on an as-needed basis. Usually when guests are due to arrive. It's nuts.

Before Valerie was born, I had such delusions about being a stay at home mom. I thought I would have all this time to clean, and cook, and organize. I thought I would have time to make art while my baby napped. Hah! No one told me. Some friends who had kids tried to. But I just found their comments annoying. Why couldn't they be excited like I was? They were excited for me, of course. But they also knew. And it is just something you really can't know until you live it yourself.

So, I live amidst domestic disaster. Daily. I often have lofty thoughts. I often despair. Sometimes, I just make a cup of tea. I really just need to get over it, already. And, thankfully, Tom understands.

I try to tell myself that what I lack in housekeeping, I more than make up for in mothering.

Still, please tell me that you, too, have surfaces covered in clutter. And spaces full of boxes you plan to get to someday. Please.


  1. YOU are my heroine today! My stacks of madness feel so welcomed by your plea. It's not that I think order is over rated, I'm just not always as capable of creating it~ especially if there is more fun to be had elsewhere ;)

  2. I just hide mine.... the closets are BRimming with mess.....and I have more than the alloted one junk drawer... but the best hiding place...the garage... we don't (can't) park there anymore

  3. Wait, I only have ONE little one. And wait...she isn't so little now. So what's my excuse?!

  4. I take one room at a time (guests see the downstairs) and go from one corner to the other.
    By the time Im done with the house...its time to start over again.
    My new rule...if I haven't used it or it doesn't have a home by now....drop off at a local thrift store.
    I would rather live in a clean simple house that have a gadget/toy for every occasion!!
    By the way...as you clean, enjoy a Smirnoff Vodka Wine Cooler ....it helps you clean with a whistle in your step:)

  5. (He, he, Vodka!)

    I love seeing the chaos in the home of a blogger. My house definitely has piles of stuff waiting to be sorted through. I keep common areas reasonably tidy, but I know they're not clean, which grosses me out. The master bedroom and the office are absolute messes. Sometimes there's not even floor space to walk on. It's a bit tragic, really :o(

  6. give me a flat surface and it will be piled high in mere moments...
    soul sister!