Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nice Day

Here are ten things making today a nice day....
  • cafe mocha with whipped cream
  • spending the morning at a special place with Andrew
  • picking Valerie up early from school (minimum day)
  • sharing a chocolate chip brownie with the kids
  • finding a darling $118.00 sweater at Anthropologie on sale for $29.99
  • today's high was 58 degrees F
  • first afternoon heater use of the season
  • the November/December issue of Victoria magazine
  • Trader Joe's Chicken Pot Pies for dinner (yummy and easy)
  • looking forward to Friday night out
What's making your day nice?


  1. I love TJ's ... wish we had one close by!

  2. That sounds wonderful! And, where have I been? I thought Victoria Magazine was gone. Are they back? Or were they never gone? :) Shows where my head has been...

  3. I had never heard of Victoria Magazine