Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art Wings

When I was a senior in high school I spent first and fifth periods everyday working on getting my pieces ready for the AP Art exam. I opened up my old AP Art portfolio this morning, looking for a watercolor to show to Valerie. It was there--two angels, one comforting the other sitting on a leaf among flowers.

Most of the images in the portfolio are of flying, floating, or winged figures. There is a definite theme to the work. Clearly, I desired to spread my wings, to fly. I was looking ahead to going off to university to study art. And to become me.

{I am quite pleased to find that I still have a strong connection to some of the pieces, including the one above. And I love that this image I made at seventeen can bring up even more meanings for me today. I think I'll frame it.}

Initially, I was in an art education program designed to prepare me to be a high school art teacher. After two years in "the city" (or "the armpit"), away from my family, I transferred to another university closer to home, where I flourished and graduated with a BA in Art Studio. I went on to earn a teaching credential after I discovered my love of speaking Spanish, and found out that I liked working with young children. I was a teacher for 8 years.

Then Valerie was born. I was ready for a change--little did I know that would mean becoming a stay at home mom. Then Andrew came along. Motherhood was all-encompassing (and often overwhelming); art had been on the back burner for so long. But suddenly, as I looked ahead, I could imagine a time when I would be able to do...

Well, several things: catch my breath, clean out the den, get back to a career, contribute financially to the family. And maybe, just maybe, use my art degree. So, with just a couple more years 'til Andrew is in kindergarten, I'm starting to dream, even plan a little bit.

I can feel my art wings fluttering.

P.S. As always, many thanks to Ms. T., my high school art teacher who has always been an inspiration to me.


  1. Wow Sara, this piece is GORGEOUS! I love it so much I would pay for a print of it! It looks like hands behind you, the hands that you do art with, the hands you built your life with, or even the hands of your parents that helped you grow your wings and fly. Hands that turned into wings.
    I love the red figure (enclosed in a never ending circle of life), a color of power,luck and success, interesting the two spirals of your heart (your prediction of your two children?) sprouting from your belly.
    I find this amazing, and very predictive of your future. How amazing that you painted it at only 17. What a talent you have. I can't wait to see more of your pieces.

  2. You have ALWAYS been so unbelievably talented. This piece is beautiful! Looking forward to more.

  3. What a beautiful piece of art, and what a wonderful post! I am so excited for you to begin your new adventure!

  4. How exciting! I have a similar dream: to go to art school when my husband is out of school. Maybe one day...:)

  5. Beautiful.

    When the time is right it will all come back to you. Just think of all the experiences you have had now that will show through in your art. Awesome.

  6. That is an amazing piece. I know you'll be able to make room for your art and when the time is right you will soar!