Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thoughts on this Glorious Spring Day

I'm back from my break--thanks for stopping by!

Days like this bring just one word to mind: glorious.

Here are my thoughts...
  • This year I feel very happy spring is here
  • Only 5 1/2 more weeks 'til Valerie is on summer break!
  • Dark chocolate covered almonds are an appropriate snack food, right?
  • The kids sure got a lot of candy this Easter
  • Only 5 1/2 more weeks of packing Valerie's lunch for school!
  • The flowers in the yard are blooming like crazy
  • My beautiful grandma is seeing her 98th spring this year
  • Only 5 1/2 more weeks of getting Valerie to school on time!
  • Andrew's latest joke...Me: (seriously) Do you have a stuffed nose? Andrew: (pause) I have a stuffed giraffe!
What are your thoughts today?


  1. Sounds like the big countdown is on. It may sound terrible, but I couldn't wait until my kids went to junior high and I could stop making lunches. It was such a chore. Welcome home! And yes, it is a glorious Spring, isn't it?

  2. I'm still laughing from that joke, as it's eerily similar to the jokes we tell over here! I too cannot wait until summer vacation, and am experiencing total schoolday burnout! Thank you, as always, for sharing your wonderful thoughts.