Thursday, April 28, 2011

Enchanted April in Paris

April, I like you a lot all of a sudden. For a while, I didn't get along very well with Spring. but this year, something has changed. (It might just be the fact that Andrew rarely eats dirt anymore, so it is less stressful to be out in the yard with him.) Lots of things have been feeling out of whack lately, but Spring feels just right.

I got to visit with my grandma (who is 97, beautiful and cheerful, but mostly stays in bed now) over the break, and that always helps put things in perspective for me. She is looking out at Spring for the 98th time this year. Just being near her, making her a cup of coffee, feels like an honor. I showed her a photo I'd just taken (using my smart phone) and she laughed that she didn't even recognize herself. Brought me to tears, of course. Hugs and I love yous.

So....last night I was having my once-every-month headache and didn't want to read, as I had been looking forward to doing all day when the kids finally got to sleep, so I flipped through the free movies On Demand and came across April in Paris. Bingo! This 1952 film stars the darling Doris Day, whom my grandma was often mistaken for back in the day. For me, just the right movie, at just the right time.

Ray Bolger (also known for his role as The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz--I thought he looked, danced, and sang familiar) and Claude Dauphin (I am smitten) also star. It is everything you would expect from a 1950s comedy/musical/romance. It is now on my list to watch every April. Andrew will be joining me, too, I think. He who uttered, "I don't like dis," as he could barely peel his eyes off the screen for the last 15 minutes of the movie that I had to finish watching this morning because he woke up last night and needed his mama before the movie was over. Really, who can take their eyes off Ms. Day singing and dancing? (Andrew is smitten.)

The other movie on my list each year this month? Enchanted April. More perspective, beauty, and cheer, if you are in need or simply in the mood.

So, April. We get to hang out for just a couple more days. I've been happy to see you. Thanks for visiting with me. And please, be sure and visit Grandma again next year.

(Image is Microsoft Clipart. I wish I had been to Paris this month to snap it!)


  1. oh PLEASE spring, visit Grandma again next year.

  2. Spring hasn't quite arrived here yet... Soon I hope.

    You are so lucky to still have your grandmother with you! I'd love just one more cup of coffee with mine. :)

  3. I hope April in Paris is still out there on demand....I could use a good movie tonight.