Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book o' the Month: Wuthering Heights

Let me start by saying I actually read this book in October. If you are going to read it, you might want to mark your calendar, as it is somewhat of a ghost story.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is one of the most intense novels I have ever read. I was expecting a love story as I have always heard of Catherine and Heathcliff as a romantic couple. And I guess it is a love story and they are a romantic couple, but in a very dark way.

There were times when I thought I might just put the book down and walk away. There is violence and cruelty and dread. But I pushed through. And I'm glad I did.

It took a while for it all to sink in. A few days after I had finished reading, I came to the conclusion that the story is very powerful, extremely emotional, and a bit frightening in examining obsession. I was surprised to find myself kind of cheering for Heathcliff, the villain/hero. And I found myself appreciating Cathy's plight from a modern perspective. All the characters were indeed intriguing to me, and I like how Miss Bronte wrapped it all up at the end.

I watched the 2009 film adaptation, and while some things were altered, namely the ending (!), I thought it was well done. Though I must say, the image I had in my head of Heathcliff was edgier. Tom Hardy's portrayal was very good, however, and I'd like to see more of his work. Charlotte Riley's Cathy was excellent as well. And, go figure, the two actors are engaged (as per today's info at IMdB)!

Have you read Wuthering Heights? How did you like it?

P.S. I'm a week late in posting, but joining in with Turn the Page ... Tuesday. Check it out, it's fun!


  1. I read It a aerator or two ago and couldn't believe the whole obsession thing either - picking it up I thought it was a whole 'nother story. I'm so glad I read it though - it was a good one! Glad you joined in :-)

  2. Hmmm, I just read Jane Eyre by CB and I loved it so much! I have been putting off WH for the reasons you cite. I know I'll read it but maybe not quite yet! I am interested in learning more about the Bronte sisters, have you read anything non-fiction/biography about them?

  3. I never read this book, but I have always loved the Laurence Olivier/Merle Oberon black-and-white version. You should watch that one if you get a chance -- it's wonderful!