Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book o' the Month: Jenny and the Cat Club

I am so delighted by this series of children's' books by Esther Averill, the first of which was published in 1944. I have been reading them to the kids at bedtime and we are all so hooked on the adventures of Jenny Linsky, the shy little black cat (based on the author's own pet) who lives in New York City. I have found twelve of her thirteen stories (if you happen to come across a copy of Jenny's Bedtime Book, please let me know--I can only find two used copies on Amazon starting at $289!), and have loved them all.

The drawings of the cats are so sweet. Just check out Jenny ice skating on the cover, above. I would recommend these illustrated chapter books for kids four and up. Valerie can read them on her own, and Andrew is just lately satisfied listening with fewer pictures.

If you are in need of darling stories, without violence or malice (besides a few run-ins with dogs...), these books are perfect!


  1. It seems my library has a "collection" of her stories .... Can you guess what I will be checking it soon?! We love cat stories here since we have a 14 yr old feline friend who rules the roost! So glad you joined in this mth!

  2. Followed you over from Tongue in Cheek.
    My sister, a tutor and retired kindergarten teacher, is nuts about the Jenny books, too. I got her Jenny's Birthday Book for Christmas and she was delighted.

  3. I love children's books but don't know these one's! Just the cover looks so cute! Going to Amazon to look them up right now!

  4. These books look wonderful! You are such a plethora of good ideas, I'm almost overwhelmed! Thank you, Sara! Must log in to Amazon NOW!