Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Birthday Dress - 2012

Eight. Eight? Eight. Valerie changed my life eight years ago, simply by coming into it.

She is so very eight, indeed. For her birthday dress, she chose the animal print fabric (called Coffee Cat Cafe) and the contrasting zebra print ribbon. When it was time to pick the lining, she initially looked at brown until I said, "You know, it can be any color since it's on the inside." She went for apple green.

Animal prints aren't my thing. Unless they are on actual live animals, in which case they are beautiful. When Valerie picked the fabric out, I actually called Hubby at work to see what he thought. We ultimately decided it was OK. But I wasn't looking forward to making this dress.

I used McCall's #M5033. It has a full circle skirt--great for twirling! The pattern has kind of a funky assembly. I find the more garments I sew, the more opinionated I am becoming about the construction.

My feelings aside, Valerie was so thrilled when it was all finished. SO thrilled!

And that's the thing with mothers and daughters, I think. We don't always prefer the same things. Obviously. But the daughter's job is to become herself. And the mother's job is to allow that.

And celebrate it.

Eight years old. Smart, beautiful, creative, strong. Oh how I love this girl!


  1. Well I LOVE it!!!!!! It's really gorgeous Sara and I really like the green lining!

  2. Woot! Woot! Perfect birthday dress for the birthday girl!

  3. It looks GREAT! I too, would prefer different fabric but girls do need to become themselves. (and actually it is always better once you complete a project.) Good job Momma!

  4. Sara, you are SO right about mothers and daughters! I, too, am not crazy about animal prints, but if Bella wanted that, I would have had to put my opinions aside. The dress is adorable, and you are so very wise, Sara. Thank you for reminding me of my responsibility as the mother of a nine-year-old daughter.

  5. Your such a good mom! 8 Yrs goes by fast - I know - my Henry is about to turn 8. Hard to believe.