Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby Blanket/Mama Shawl

I finished up this baby blanket for my dear friend and her new little boy.  The baby is only four months old, so I'm not that late.  I used Patons Grace cotton yarn, which works so well for baby blankets.  (Here are Valerie's and Andrew's.)  Let me know if you'd like pattern information--maybe I should start my own Ravelry page.

The blanket turned out so pretty.  Just one little problem:  it was supposed to be five inches wider.  It's my own fault, as I never test the gauge before starting a crochet project.  Ah, well.  I told my friend that she can always use it as a shawl for herself, too.

Hmm...I might just be on to something...


  1. It's gorgeous! You are so talented, I love the edging.

  2. This is a beautiful blanket! It has just become our official stroller blanket as I draped it over the front of the stroller as my little guy slept and it provided shade, but still allowed air through. Love it! When it gets retired from its official post I'm sure I'll use it as a shawl. Thank you for such a wonderful, multi-purpose gift!!!