Friday, May 11, 2012

Come into My Parlour

Come into my parlour...

I'll by you a coffee or tea.
We'll zip around at high speeds
and view the scenery.

Come into my parlour...

Where things are pretty clean,
besides just a bit of dust and clutter
and toys on the back seat.

Come into my parlour...

We can listen to what we please--
whatever comes up on Pandora,
Neil Finn and Crowded House on CD.

Come into my parlour...

More relaxing than home for me.
No dishes or laundry to attend to,
just one boy in a booster seat.

Come into my parlour...

This is where I flee.
We can chat if you'd like and hang out a while,
wherever your destination may be.

As my home is my workplace, I find that the only time I can really sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea (without it going cold) is in the car.  The work is never done at home.  But I can have the car decluttered in a matter of minutes.  And when it gets too filthy, we take a drive to the car wash.  I know it is not very environmentally friendly to just go for a drive, but it seems to help keep me sane.  

P.S.  Please forgive my bad poetry.  As I started writing this post, it just came out that way.  No The Spider and The Fly reference intended.

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  1. Hey Sara,
    Yes, I read The Secret Garden years ago and have been trying to twist my daughter's arm to read it. I doesn't appeal to her at all! I remember adoring that book and wanting to write a story of my own very much like it... at about 11. I might give it another go being as I have such memories for it. When does Downton Abbey start again, I need to be on top of it this time so I don't miss it!