Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eclipse Shadows

Sunday's eclipse was a pretty exciting event around here.  For me, anyway.  I kept taking quick glances at the sun to watch the progress, which left me seeing spots.  Finally, I made a simple pinhole projector and took the kids outside.  It was about ten minutes before the sun slipped behind the mountain.  We could see a tiny little crescent sun projected from the pinhole in cardboard onto the white paper.  It slowly turned coral-colored as the sun got closer to the mountain

Andrew was mostly interested in the fact that I had put a hole in the cardboard with a pin.  Valerie actually looked, and said it was "cool."

My dad, a middle school science teacher for thirty-two years was always showing me science-y things.  In sixth grade he helped me make a shoebox viewer for the total eclipse that year (we had about 85% here on Sunday).  I bet he was out on Sunday looking at it, too.  (Note to self:  Call your folks!)

I hope my kids remember going out to look at the tiny little crescent sun on paper.  Such a small thing.  But such a big thing, too.

The first photo is of shadows on the outside wall, effected by the eclipse.  The second was taken the next day at nearly the same time.  I haven't found out how or why this happens yet.  If you know, please comment.  Thanks!

P.S.  As an aside, what's with the amber flood light?  We rent our house, and are not responsible for the selection of such a light bulb.  I just don't see the appeal.

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