Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Books o' the Month: A Room With a View, Emma

I read two books last month.  I'm not sure how, but there it is.

The first was E.M. Forster's A Room With a View.  The film version is my favorite movie of all time, and I loved Howards End, so it was high time.  Room did not disappoint.  Even though I had seen the movie first, the adaptation was so close to the novel that it was a positive thing, giving me wonderful actors as the faces of all the characters in my mind.  I delight in Forster's writing.  He is incredibly perceptive, and funny.  I am eager to read the rest of his novels. 

Next, I finally got into Jane Austen's Emma.  It was my third or fourth start.  For some reason, it took me a bit of effort to get past the first few chapters.  Probably not Austen's fault!  Once into the novel, I really hated to put it down.  Yet it seems I had to read it a chapter at a time, sometimes just one a day.  I liked it so much!  I liked the heroine quite a bit, loved her inner dialogue, her flaws, her self-rationalization.  Such wonderful writing!

I've got Northinger Abby and Persuasion ahead of me, then I will have been through all of Austen's novels.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Last summer I was so into it, I had planned to dress as Miss Austen for Halloween.  But I didn't get my costume sewn (busy as I was sewing a puppy suit, ears, gloves, and shoes covers for a certain daughter of mine!).  Better start now.  Oh yeah, I have another sewing project I need to get done first.  Before tomorrow.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Both classics that I have yet to read! I've read several Austen's, Persuasion is my favorite, but not read any of Forster's yet.

  2. You know - I've done the same thing with Emma but I didn't make it. That encourages me to pick it back up and try again. I need to read ARWAV and then watch the movie!

  3. I have never read these classic books. It sounds like I should!

  4. I've attempted Emma several times as well. I am determined to read it entirely someday! I've never read A Room With a View, but it sounds entertaining.

  5. I really want to pick up Emma, that and Sense and Sensibility (loved the movie). Just so many books, so little time! I should really pick up Room again too. I read it in high school and can't remember much except that I really enjoyed it! I keep reading my fun paranormal things, but like to mix in the classics here and there. Nice job getting through two books!!

  6. Every time I come visit your blog I realize how many classics I still need to read. :)