Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Third Grade Poncho

A few weeks ago, I realized I'd better get sewing.  Valerie's first day of third grade would be here before we knew it.  I didn't want to be sewing at the very last minute like last year.  We started browsing patterns online.  She didn't like any of the dresses.  But this poncho, yes!  I wasn't expecting it, but that is as I should have expected.  She's eight now.  When I was her age I didn't want anything lacy or ruffly or dressy either (though that opinion could change for just the right dress, you know).

 The pattern is McCall's 6432.  The fabric is brown fleece with lots of words all over it like, school, girl talk, friends, first love, kiss.  Oh my.  It was slim pickings at the fabric store on short notice.  I was pulling for solid purple fabric, but that's OK.  She's eight.  I have to accept that if I want to continue to sew for her (clothes she will actually wear, that is) I have to make them to order.  I do dig the fancy button she chose!

This poncho was very easy to sew, though I think the keyhole and button at the neck aren't really necessary as the fleece is stretchy and easy to slip over the head.  Plus, the little thread loop I made (per the instructions) took a bit of time and I'm not that pleased with how it looks.

The best part?  The whole project only took a couple of hours to complete from cutting out the pattern, to sewing on the button and making that little loop.  And that's good because I started it at 3:30 in the afternoon.  The day before the first day of school.  So, an improvement from last year.  Just barely.

Valerie immediately claimed she loved it and did indeed wear it on the first day last week.  I even overheard her telling a friend , "My mom made it!"  Cool.

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  1. That is so gorgeous! You are so handy.
    It has been too hot down here to even think about putting something like that on, so I am glad she was able to wear it! :)