Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Books o' the Month: Northinger Abbey, Lord John and The Private Matter, A Trail of Fire

While waiting for the next two Gabaldon books on my list to arrive from the library and Amazon, I picked up my dear friend Jane Austen.  And what a true friend she is.  So witty, so entertaining.  I hadn't read Northinger Abbey since high school.  Turns out that while I didn't remember anything about the novel, Miss Austen does not disappoint, and I was as charmed as I had hoped to be by her acute portrayal of late 18th century upper class society.

Next, I plowed through Diana Gabaldon's Lord John and The Private Matter.  Lord John is a minor character in some of the Outlander novels, and his books are mysteries.  I'm not a huge mystery fan, but have been enjoying putting more pieces together in the Outlander world.

Then, A Trail of Fire arrived.  It is a set of four Outlander tales.  Two pertain to Lord John, two involve other characters.  So, more fun...more information, more layers to the world of Outlander. 

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P.S.  Hubby and I watched the first episode of season one of Game of Thrones the other night and geez.  I had thought it would be...different.  A different kind of different, anyway.  Not our cup of tea.  Have you watched it?  What did you think? 

P.P.S.  I will get around to changing my blog header for spring...one of these days!


  1. Wow - that author must do nothing but write! How long are those books? I hope not another 800+

    Glad you jumped in this month :-)

  2. Northhinger Abbey is an Austin that I haven't read yet. Have to remedy that soon!

  3. Holy cow, you're on a roll! I'm reading World War Z right now if you're into zombies..... :)