Friday, May 3, 2013

Come Run With Me

I'm still running.  I run for an hour twice a week, sometimes thrice.  If I'm on the trail, I can go five miles.  If I'm on the beach, four and a half.  The sand slows me down a bit.  At about ten minutes in, any laziness I had about maybe "not feeling like running today" goes away.  At about three miles...euphoria.

I do run happy.  I'm the one out there smiling at everyone I see.  I'm still trying to figure out my high sign, though.  The point (hey, baby), the peace (or victory?), the wave, the nod.  I think a thumbs up would be my style, but might look like just making fist or trying to hitch a ride.  Plus it's kinda dorky.  As am I.  Especially when I sing out loud.  I try to do it when I'm not too close to anyone.  Sometimes I can't help it.

I wish I could record my stream of consciousness while running.  Today, I began composing at least six profound blog posts, and came up with at least four phrases which seemed brilliant.  To me.  I think a lot about art, about being an artist.  About being a mother.  About my hubby.  And I think about...other things.  People, bodies, attraction, the meaning of life.  Science as my religion.  I believe in physics, chemistry, hormones, continuation of the species.  Life for life's sake.  The universe, the Big Bang, what came before...I don't have the answer to that.

All the while, I've got Pandora streaming into my eardrums.  Mostly my Snow Patrol station, lately.  Some really great songs pop up and I am just transported.  The sky and the sea are infinitely lovely.  "Beauty!" I call it out (mentally), every time--after my favorite scene from my favorite film, A Room with a View.  Step, step, step, step.  My running rhythm is slow.  A jog, really.  But I just go and go.  I am inspired.  The transcendental nature of art.

The hour is up, I am back at the car.  Moving in the direction of to do lists and responsibilities.  I try to keep the feeling going by streaming music through the stereo.  But so much is lost already.  Ideas, impressions, inspiration.

Alas.  I wish you could come running with me.  I'd have so many interesting things to say.


  1. That is wonderful! That is why I love hiking too, I think of a billion blog posts, story ideas and answers to questions that have plagued me :)
    Cool that you are running! I only get out to jog walk once a week or so...I should really step that up, Theresa is trying to get me to do mud runs and 5k's with her, it will help me survive those!

  2. This post just makes me smile. I don't run, but I do hike and have those brilliant idea's as well, they just seem to escape me like a dream the moment I touch back to daily life.

    And if I came across you running and singing, I would give you a dorky high five back!

  3. This is a great post! I love the way you put your thoughts out there. I enjoy walking & hiking and at times have many wonderful thoughts running through my head. Often just like you these thoughts are lost much to soon. Sometimes I come back from a walk take out my note book & start writing.

  4. PS - I can't stop listening to the Snow Patrol station on pandora now - thanks for the rec!