Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Poem for Mother's Day (and Every Day)

Now That I Am Forever With Child 

How the days went
while you were blooming within me
I remember each upon each--
the swelling changed planes of my body
and how you first fluttered, then jumped
and I thought it was my heart.

How the days wound down
and the turning of winter
I recall, with you growing heavy
against the wind. I thought
now her hands
are formed, and her hair
has started to curl
now her teeth are done
now she sneezes.
Then the seed opened
I bore you one morning just before spring
My head rang like a fiery piston
my legs were towers between which
A new world was passing.

Since then
I can only distinguish
one thread within running hours
You, flowing through selves
toward You.

This poem speaks such truth to me.  I memorized it shortly after Valerie was born.  Even the seasons are correct for her birth.  I used to recite it to her in the evening while walking and walking and walking her to sleep.  I cried a little every single time.

You, flowing through selves toward you.  Isn't that just exactly how it is with our children?  This phrase comes to me all the time as I watch my kids growing and changing.

Powerful stuff, this.  All of it.

Happy Mother's Day, my dears.


  1. I'm crying now! Sara, I love your heart.

  2. Perfect. Thanks for sharing this.