Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book o' the Month: The Shipping News

I have been listening to Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac at 9AM on NPR, when I am in the car at that time.  Otherwise, I read it online.  He shares facts pertinent to the date about writers, scientists, and other famous people, then he reads a poem.  It's always interesting, and the poems usually give me goosebumps, put tears in my eyes, or at the very least, make me nod with understanding.  A while back, he mentioned E. Annie Proulx and her novel, The Shipping News. I remembered having seen the film adaptation back in the 90s and thought, "Now, I should read the book."

So, I did.  What I like about Ms. Proulx's writing is how streamlined it is.  Sparse, almost.  Cut to the core.  And so very effective.  I love a book that is a page turner for me without a lot of action or cliff-hanging suspense (though, those are fun, too, I mean Outlander?!).  It is all about character development and interaction (Austin, Bronte sisters, Gaskell, etc.).  Mr. Keillor noted that Ms. Proulx immerses herself in a place before writing about it, in this case Newfoundland.  I read a review of her book by a Newfoundlander who basically said she hit the nail on the head.  It's a good read.

I have happy news...Adrienne at Some of a Kind is back!  Please check out her Turn the page ... Tuesday post today for more good reads, to be sure!


  1. Oh my library has this! I'm got to add it to ~the list~! So glad to be back and have you join in too :-)

  2. Not one I've read either, Sara, and sounds interesting. Love the Newfoundland setting. Off to check it out!