Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Books o' the Month: So Wide the Sky, The Stranger in Big Sur, Big Sur Women

How did I manage to read three books in one month?  Not sure, but I did.  All three are pioneer-type stories.  So Wide The Sky by Elizabeth Grayson was inspired by the true story of Olive Oatman.

The Stranger in Big Sur, published in 1942 by Lilian Bos Ross, is the fictional tail of a mail order bride who comes to live on a ranch in 19th century Big Sur.  There is a film based on the book called Zandy's Bride, which I am waiting on from the library, so details to come.  

Big Sur Women includes more information about Lilian Ross, who lived there, along with vignettes about other women who made/make that beautiful, rugged place their home.

Now, I'm heading over to Some of a Kind to see what Adrienne's been reading.  Come along!

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  1. Have you read "follow the river"? Similar to these and a true story. It was a page turner for me!