Thursday, December 3, 2015

Books o' the Month: Ross Poldark and The Luminaries

Did you watch Poldark last summer?  I loved it, and even got the hubby to watch with me.  Ross Poldark is now one of my favorite literary heroes (also, JAMMF).  Aidan Turner plays his character in the TV series and I have so enjoyed having his image in my mind while reading Winston Graham's novel.  Sure, I know how it's going to turn out (assuming the series follows the book--I haven't actually finished reading it yet...busy, you know!), but the books are always better, right?  Plus, there are twelve more in the series!

I have been reading The Luminaries for a while now.  It is an intricate book, one I would like to sit down with for an hour or more at a time in a comfy spot with a hot beverage.  This is an exceedingly rare scenario for me.  I am going to have to return it to the library in five days, since I have already renewed it twice.  I tried to read it in the Jury Assembly Room that day I killed seven hours waiting to be called, but I only got so far...

I'm thinking about reading A Christmas Carol to my kids this month.  What do you think?

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  1. I've never heard of either ... going to have to check them out. I run the clock down too sometimes on kindle books - it kills me to have to pay for a book when I only have 50 pages left ... sometimes those minutes to read are so hard to come by! On a festive note ... A Christmas Carol for sure!