Monday, February 27, 2017

Book o' the Month: Little House in the Big Woods

I think I started reading this book back in fourth grade, but never finished.  James and the Giant Peach was more my thing back then.  But now?  Now I am wondering, what took me so long?!

I LOVE it!  And nine-year-old Andrew loves it!  In fact, we are on to Little House on the Prairie and plan to read the entire series.

AND...we have been watching the TV series.  As a family.  Even the surly almost-thirteen-year-old can't get enough of it.  Hubby and I loved watching as kids and now we get to share it with our kids.  Too much fun, I tell you.

I have actually been on a prairie sort of binge lately.  Think:  Gunne Sax and Holly Hobbie.  But more on that later!

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  1. I LOVED all those books as a child and still have the full set! Well, I gifted them to Mykaela hoping she would love them as much as I did. I want to watch it again!!