Thursday, April 6, 2017

Book o' Last Month: Little House on the Prairie

Andrew and I finished the second book in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series, Little House on the Prairie.  I think that these books should be on reading lists for boys as well as girls.  There is so much good stuff in here about the nuts and bolts of pioneer life!  Building a house, constructing a chimney, laying a split log floor, digging a well, and...Indians.

Which brings me to another point.  I find the discussion of the Native Americans, the Osage, in this book fascinating.  The way they are characterized and described, is of it's time, but also somewhat progressive.  Ma is clearly afraid of the Indians, while Pa has more of a live and let live attitude.  Laura has a child's inquisitive curiosity.

Reading this book resulted in many internet searches about places and names in this book, from the African American Dr. Tan, to Independence, Kansas, to Soldat du Chene.  I even came across a paper discussing the book in relation to attitudes about the Osage, which was very interesting.  What's more, there were many opportunities for Andrew and I to discuss what happened to the native peoples of America.  At nine years old, he has many questions.

Next up, Farmer Boy, which we have requested from the library and are still waiting on.

And...the whole family is half way through season two of the TV show--which provides lots of material for family discussion.  We don't go to church, but I feel that my kids get lessons in morality with almost every episode!

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  1. Sara remember my other grandpa? He worked on the sets for Little House ALOT.. they filmed a ton in the open spaces in Fillmore and Piru. When they needed sets moved or things down with heavy equipment they would call my grandpa...I wish SO badly he would have taken me with him! I can remember reading those books as a child and BEGGING him to take me to the set. He never did.