Thursday, August 20, 2009

Help Yourself to Some Self Help

I bought I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids on a whim because I got a kick out of the title. It quickly became another one of those books that I could not put down. This book definitely falls into my category of Mommy Lit. And turns out it is self help, too.

Each chapter is about a motherhood topic with titles such as You Can Have It All. Just Not All at Once, When You Say Mom, It Leaves a Lot Unsaid About You, and Oh My God, I Don't Want to Color Right Now. That's the Mommy Lit part. At the end of each chapter comes the self help part: 6 Easy Steps for Making Peace with Your Choices, 10 Simple Ways to Honor Your Whole Self, and 7 Ways to Enjoy the Here and Now. (Yes, they are in corresponding order to the chapters above.)

This book came along at just the right time for me. A number of things I read struck a deep, very deep, chord. Some of the stories and revelations in this book let me know I am not alone with the feelings and frustrations that come up as I travel through motherhood. I breathed a little easier after reading it. Then, I quickly put it in the mail for a friend who had just given birth to her second child. It's the kind of book I found so interesting and good for my soul that I just had to share it. So, I'm sharing it here with you, too.

The authors, Trisha Ashworth and Amy Noble have a website with a blog, and two more books out, as well. If you've read I Was a Really Good Mom..., please let me know what you think. If not, get your hands on a copy, then when you're done, pass it along to another mom!


  1. I will head out for a copy of that ASAP - I'm really struggling with the baby blues right now - I need something to make me laugh!

  2. Wow Sara, we are thrilled that you liked our first book AND that you shared it with a friend! Please let us know what you think of our latest, "I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper." XO

    Amy & Trisha

  3. Ha ha I love the title of the new book, but sad to say I wouldn't trade my husband for a housekeeper he's too.............