Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Never Wanted to Be a Soccer Mom

Up until...yesterday at about 4:30 pm, I never wanted to be a soccer mom. I just had always pictured: minivan, cooler full of snacks, fold-up chairs, slatherings of sunblock, fussy little kiddies, and hours upon hours spent at some field every weekend for most of the year. Not my cup of tea.

But yesterday Valerie had her first soccer practice. Yes, I had to chase Andrew around like crazy to keep him away from all those super exciting "zshah" (soccer) balls that the older kids got to kick around. But other than that, it wasn't too bad. In fact--hold onto your hats--I enjoyed watching Valerie run and kick and smile. She smiled so much, she was beaming. She was having so much fun. Maybe I get it now.

Or maybe I'll completely change my mind after the Saturday games begin, but at least Tom will be there to help corral Andrew. And then we'll both get to watch Valerie beaming. She's always singing, "I just love to see you shine." And wow, do we love to see her shine, the way she does when she is having a really great time. That's what we want most for our children, right?

So, next thing you know I'll be driving a minivan.



  1. hang on tight! It's a quite a journey... the soccer mom journey that is!!!

  2. Great post Sara. I had to laugh at the minivan part...I hate my minivan! Had a BMW before, but with baby #4 had no choice but to up-size. On the bright side, I guess I'll fit right in when the kids start playing soccer...Too funny ;)