Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Little Sewing

A couple of weekends ago, Tom took the kids out to play in the front yard so I could finish a doll outfit I had started for Valerie several weeks ago. I love these Simplicity patterns that are reprinted vintage designs. My mom got me a bunch of patterns like this on sale for $1 each. Thanks, Mom!

I made the sleeper out of a pink crib mattress sheet that Valerie used when she was little. The yellow double fold bias tape was given to me in a bag of yarn and sewing notions by a student's mom when I was teaching. I love using old things and repurposing used things. I got that from my grandma (who grew up during the Depression) who I have watched for years and years make any number of things out of old bedspreads, etc.

If you look around the craft/sewing blogosphere, you'll find that repurposing is very en vogue these days. I think many us of have been doing it all along! It's nice to see crafty books coming out with this idea in mind (but that is another story).

I think Baby Doll approves, don't you?

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