Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post-Vacation Post

We just got back from 6 days at the beach. It was a late summer beach vacation. We had been waiting all summer, and finally it came. Boy were we ready. I was ready.

We stayed with family and they took such good care of us. Cooked and cleaned, played with the kids. We are so very lucky.

The kids love the beach. Valerie and I went swimming and I had forgotten how much fun that is. The waves! And sharing it with my girl. Andrew is a water baby. We can't keep him out of the surf. He just smiles and laughs and runs. I'm still getting the sand out of his ears!

Tom and I got to go on a long walk together. We got to go on a dinner date. And we got to cuddle together under a blanket, looking out at the ocean just before sunset. Heavenly.

After a long drive Tuesday, we got back late at night. The house felt cool and strange. But familiar, too.

So here we are, home again. But can I still hear the soft sound of the rushing waves.

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