Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And now for my 100th post...

Thank you for coming here, to my little space. Thanks for reading about my life, my kids, my crochet madness, and any other sundry items I find interesting. On this occasion of my 100th post, I first and foremost want to say thank you to all the family and friends, as well as new online acquaintances, who check in now and again. Thanks to those who comment, too. Comments are fun.

I've been thinking about why-in-the-world-do-I-write-this-blog? when I already have a full time job: mama to Valerie and Andrew (and wife to Tom, of course, though that is more of a partnership!). I've come up with a few ideas.

This blog is my "room of one's own" a la Virginia Woolf. If you look at her essay closely (which you definitely should) you'll see it is about having your own voice. This little blog is a space entirely my own, no toys to pick up, no dishes to do, no boxes of childhood mementos piled up high waiting to be sorted through (that is another story). I can make this space just how I like it. Unlike anywhere else available to me right now. And sometimes, I think that is even true of my own mind. Especially after a night like last night, up into the wee hours with a poor teething toddler.

Here at sara-sundries, I strive for honesty, most of all. And that provides me with a wonderful place for reflection. When I was teaching, reflection was something you did to monitor and evaluate yourself in your profession. It is something mamas (and daddies and other caregivers) rarely find the time or energy for, but by posting on this blog three times a week, I almost force myself to reflect, not only on motherhood and parenting, but my own life in a broader sense, as well.

For several years I kept journals. But those journals are mostly a collection of complaints and insecure ramblings. (I really must destroy all of them some day.) Then a good friend suggested I keep a gratitude journal instead. That lasted all of about two weeks, not because I am not grateful--I am, I am--but because I didn't commit to it. This blog is now my gratitude journal, in a way.

And because I throw/post/publish all of this out there for anyone to see, I feel I should at least write it as well as I can (at the moment, anyway). Also, I am continually inspired by the blogs I follow (some of which are listed at right), to make this an interesting place to visit. I hope that above all, someone who comes here might read something they can relate to. It is not quite the same thing as sitting down with a friend over a leisurely cup of coffee, but just maybe there is some sort of communion. Our kids are growing up in it, so we may as well embrace this digital age.

Finally, finally, this blog reminds me that one day, when I come out of the "baby fog" (and when will that happen, exactly?) there will be many many many things I will be able to do.

Though, just between you and me, this "fog" is oftentimes a very nice and cozy place to be.

Note: Image is a watercolor, by me.


  1. Your blog and your writing are most awesome! It's the one that I keep coming back to read.

  2. Happy 100th post! Blogs are interesting aren't they? I've almost been doing this a year and it is amazing how blogs connect people and provide a venue of expression that is unique to itself. Keep it up!