Thursday, January 14, 2010

Four Hats and a Scarf

I should just call January "Crochet Madness Month". Except that it will probably run on into February. And beyond.

My fingers have been busy since Christmas. Actually, it might look like I've been sitting on my fanny doing nothing but crochet, but don't you dare say something like that to a "stay-at-home-mom" (still working on a better title, please comment your ideas). Actually, these hats are pretty quick to stitch up.

A cute little hat for a little cutie.

A pompom hat for a little guy who doesn't even want to try it on.

A pretty hat that turned out too small for me, so now belongs to another little pretty.

A new hat and scarf for me based on the free Wavy Hat pattern here (but made with this yarn). Now I just need the weather to dip below 65 degrees so I can wear them without sweating, not that I'm complaining.

Up next, a request for one more hat. Here's a hint.

But first I have to get those Christmas cards sent out. Seriously. I know.

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