Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday on DVD: Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl is not at all what I expected. I vaguely remember the trailer from a couple of years ago, and I thought it was about a guy and a blow up doll. No. Not exactly.

I seriously could not peel my eyes off the screen (our little TV screen) while watching this movie. I was completely intrigued from start to finish. I would never pretend to be any kind of high-falutin' critic, but in my opinion, Ryan Gosling's performance as Lars was incredible. The other actors including those playing Gus (Paul Schneider), Karin (Emily Mortimer) and especially Dagmar (Patricia Clarkson) were truly wonderful.

Lars and the Real Girl is what I call a "quiet" movie, presented for you to experience and contemplate. I found so many interesting references in this movie, my high school English teacher would be proud (maybe). Let me know if you enjoy it, too.

Next week, a comedy. I promise.

Note: Clip Art.


  1. This is one of my favorite movies - there are so many layers. It's about healing through love and acceptance ....doing away with judgement and labels (but not enabling). Worth seeing....I saw it 5 times and we finally bought the DVD.

  2. That is one of the most thought-provoking movies I've ever seen. You're's not at all what one might expect.

  3. I adored this movie. It strange to think that if there is a movie like this, what possibly are some things that some people may have actually gone through in real life. It's unimaginable.

  4. I love this movie. It was so poignant. I love that his community loved him so much.