Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to the Dark Side, My Young Aprentice

On the morning of New Year's Eve, Valerie asked me if I would teacher her to crochet. All the stars seemed in alignment, so I said, yes!

I got out an extra pink size "I" crochet hook I had and asked her if she'd like to use it. Oh yes. And I gave her about half a skein of Red Heart Starbrights which is, essentially, rainbow yarn. Just right.

I sat down with her, made a loop in the end of the yarn and showed her the basics. And off she went. This is her first chain. I was so proud!
Since then, she has made chains for me, Andrew, her friends and her teacher. Each one is a little more even than the one before. She hasn't coordinated how to "correctly" (even I don't do it "correctly") hold the hook and yarn, but she'll get there. She says, Mommy, I love to crochet!

So now, after dinner, when it is time to do calm things, we will sometimes sit side-by-side crocheting. And the things she talks about. It is too cute. I can imagine the same scene fast forward ten years, she'll be telling me all about her hopes and dreams, and social life. Hopefully.

I am simply elated. It is wonderful to be able to pass on to Valerie something I enjoy so much.

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