Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday on DVD: Adam Sandler

OK, Adam Sandler is not a movie. But if you ask me, besides being an actor and comedian, Adam Sandler is also a movie genre.

I mostly go for dramas when I watch films, with the exception of Mr. Sandler's flicks. They just crack me up.

My favorites, so far, are The Wedding Singer (I'm such an 80s nerd), Mr. Deeds, Happy Gilmore, (the darker) Punch Drunk Love, and 50 First Dates. I haven't seen all his movies, but I'll get to them. Lucky for me, they make Tom laugh, too (can you say "date night?").

I like that these movies are silly, but have a sweetness, too. Let me know if you get a kick out of Adam Sandler movies.


  1. Mike and I just watched Bedtime Stories it was pretty cute! Almost ok for kid to watch - in fact it probably is - but you should preview it first

  2. Oh yes....I do enjoy his movies. "Mr Deeds" was on TV over the holiday break. I saw it several years ago, but it was funny all over again.