Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime Resolutions

I had a very nice Spring Break away from sara-sundries and Bloglandia, in general, thanks for asking! But it is good to be back, too. I am feeling recharged about the whole thing, and looking back, I did get around to everything I mentioned I had planned to do. The DVD was delightful, the book was inspiring, and the series has begun. The spring cleaning? Also begun, but that is another story.

I actually did go out-of-town for a week, and when I got back the lilac tree in the front yard had begun to bloom. I'm not a huge fan purple, but seeing a tree fill with blossoms like a slow firework is simply stunning, no matter the color. I am indebted to whomever planted it, for the inspiration it gives me to embrace spring.

This change of season has also inspired a new way of thinking for me about resolutions. So many people make resolutions at the first of the year, and it makes sense, out with old in with the new, etc. But I've been wondering if the vernal equinox isn't a better time for resolutions.

It seems to me that winter is such a season of quiet, introspection, and reflection. I think I'd rather spend the cooler months contemplating and planning for change. Also, it is a time of coming down from the string of holidays we tend to spend so much energy on. And as a generally inclement time of year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), winter is hardly the time to begin a new exercise routine without your own equipment or a gym membership--and I would venture it is easier to make excuses for not going to the gym in winter, like not wanting to drive in the rain or snow when unnecessary.

As the weather warms, I feel my senses and my body energizing, getting ready for action. To me, this seems like a better time for change. And I'm not the only one. If you Google spring resolutions, you'll gets lots of entries. But I think what I'm getting at is taking the pressure off the New Year's Resolution. Make it realistic for the season. Save the bigger ideas for springtime, the time when some realize they have forgotten their previous resolutions, anyway.

I'm sure I'll continue to make (and keep??) New Year's Resolutions. This year's is going pretty well, so far, after all. But as part of my embracing spring, I am going to resolve each year to set some goals at this time of year which can be inspired by this season of warmth, new growth, and life.

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