Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Weaning, No More Naps!, and Breakfast Out

Andrew has night weaned. He sleeps through 'til morning now, and so do I. But I finally had to morning wean him, as well, so he wouldn't ask for milk from 4:30 AM 'til daylight. So now he gets to choose between cuddles or getting up for breakfast when he wakes (provided it is at least 6:00 AM). He often chooses cuddles first, the little sweetie. And this morning he didn't even ask for milk first thing when he woke up, for the very first time. It is a bittersweet thing.

No more naps! No matter what time Andrew gets up (like 5:30 AM yesterday, which isn't the norm, but does still happen on occasion), if he naps during the day he will not be able to fall asleep 'til about 9:30PM. Yesterday, I thought it wise to get him to sleep around noon, and I enjoyed 45 quiet minutes reading while he car napped. But it was totally not worth it at 9:15 last night when he was still awake. Lesson learned, again, and possibly for the last time. The afternoons are going to be rough for a while.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was just agitated. Plus the neighbors had the tree trimmers over taking out a huge old (dead, unfortunately) oak. It was a symphony of chainsaw and wood chipper. So, when I picked Valerie up from school we went for breakfast out (and the two cups of coffee was quite the mood adjuster!). She and Andrew enjoyed making and "erasing" drawings out of the long skinny sugar packets (mostly dinosaurs, of course, as above). We had such a nice time. Good thing my favorite restaurant serves chocolate chip pancakes until 3:00PM.


  1. I didn't see the dino in the picture at first but now it definitely resembles a T-Rex! Chocolate Pancakes...is that made out of chocolate or chocolate chips. I could use some of those right about now slathered with Peanut Butter and syrup. Oh my diet.

  2. Nathan still takes 1 to 2 hour afternoon nap starting from 1pm or so. Yes he was awake at 10pm. He usually fell asleep around 10:15.

  3. I wish I had breast fed Beanie longer but my philosophies have changed now that I am older and wiser. Good for you and glad you finally prevailed!

  4. Things are changing....I was always sad when we moved on to the next phase, but quickly adjusted. Good luck! And happy sleeping!