Thursday, May 20, 2010

She Sews!

On Tuesday, Valerie asked me to teach her to sew with a needle and thread. I said, "The needle is sharp!" And she said, "I know" and "I'm ready." So I set her up with a cut out of a blue T. rex from her birthday dress fabric (there is the same T. rex facing the opposite direction on the back and poly fill between the layers), let her choose the thread, gave her a few pointers and she was off!

She loved it and wanted to make another right away, but it was time to get ready for bed.

So, yesterday she made a Stegosaurus

and a Brachiosaurus.

Today a Pteranodon and a Velociraptor will join the brood.

First crochet, now sewing, what next?! I'm so proud!


  1. Just maybe this will grow into a life-long crafting/sewing love that the two of you will share for always.

  2. How cute! My Beanie has no desire to sew. At all. But she wants me to make her things-- very elaborate things that I have no idea how to sew!