Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blowing Off the Grocery Shopping

Lace curtained window of a house on the beach. Really, what could be more peaceful or romantic?

That is where I was escaping to, in my mind, yesterday.

Somehow, the prospect of taking the two kids grocery shopping was just too overwhelming. So, I just...didn't. It was okay, we got through one more day without bananas or yogurt.

Hopefully, today I have better luck getting to Trader Joe's. We're just about out of milk.


  1. There are days I would do anything to avoid shopping -- though I did go yesterday and completely forgot to get milk. I can hear the whining already (no milk for cereal). Urgh!

  2. I hate grocery shopping! So I order mine on line and pick it up the store, they bring it to my car. Five bucks is worth it to me!

  3. I hate grocery shopping, I most hate putting everything away, we went last night!!