Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pre-Teen Embroidery Project

I can tell by the hat and brooch she's wearing, the height of fashion at the time (to me, at least), that I began this project when I as around twelve, in the 1980s. Yet, she also has a 1920s thing going on with the cloche-style hat. And the little heart beauty mark? Pre-revolutionary French? Oh, and the wink. That's easy--a way to avoid not making the second eye exactly like the first.

I remember working on this. My grandma had just given me a bag of embroidery thread in all kinds of colors. It as so exciting!

Embroidery is still exciting to me (I am easily entertained). It is also perfectly suited to a mama of two young children. I can pick it up and then put it down again without much fuss.

I've been quite inspired lately, eagerly awaiting Alicia Paulson's (of my fave Posie Gets Cozy blog) new book Embroidery Companion. And I've been adding various Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers to my wish list. And I'd love to embroider some of Valerie's and William's drawings. And, and, and...

If winter is my official season of crochet, summer is all about embroidery. At least this year.


  1. Oh -- you are making me want to embroider something. I just love playing with colorful floss!