Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dolly Garland

I did manage (with Valerie's help) one craft project over the holidays. This cute little dolly garland was made with ornaments purchased at Cost Plus World Market last year (after Christmas therefore, on sale). I had bought a few of them, then got this crazy idea and went back for the rest, sixteen in all. (Though, I must give credit to my friend E.'s mom, who made one similar, and inspired me.)

All we did was tie the hands together with red yarn, and voila! The wooden heads are a bit heavy, so they tend to lean forward or back, but that's okay. It was fun, easy, and took all of about ten minutes which is the total time I was able to steal away for crafting.

(I love after-Christmas sales on decorations, by the way. This year I got four more of the red bead garlands above for seventy-five cents each at Target. Fun stuff.)


  1. Isn't that the best - getting good stuff on sale! That garland is very sweet - what a cute idea.

  2. I got some bargains at the after Christmas sales too...

    Cute garland!

  3. That doll just ADORABLE!!
    Now I have to make one:)

    Just downsized the Christmas STUFF into 3 bins. Took me a whole month to go through everything. I only kept what we used this year!

    Since the bins are up & away...didn't buy anymore Christmas stuff! That's a FIRST EVER!!

    BUT..still in the mood for Christmas Cookies:)