Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pants Fix

I recently decided I'd better fix up the pants with the too-big waistband for Andrew before he outgrows the length. (The ones I bought, thinking ahead, on sale two years ago.) What followed was a search for the yard of special elastic with buttonholes, I bought over six months ago and misplaced (can you imagine?). I almost had to give up and go to the fabric store for more. But I found it.

I was inspired by the adjustable waist pants you can buy for toddlers and bigger kids. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius. I was thrilled to find the elastic to be able to do it myself.

Nothing fancy. The pants already had a casing with elastic at the waist. I just made two slits in the casing near the back (on the inside), and two on the sides, closer to the front. I pulled the new elastic (one piece on each side) through and sewed the ends to secure it. Then, I attached buttons just in front of the side slits and secured the adjustable elastic that way.

Now I can make the waistband just the right size. It works like a charm!

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