Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everything 80s is New Again

Have you seen this sweater before?

How about these skirts?I could easily have taken these shots (using real camera film, of course) back in the eighties when I was in Junior High and High School.

But I didn't. I took these at a store this morning. That's right, everything eighties is new again. Have you seen the day-glo? The paint splatter? (Not to mention the shades I bought recently.)

Back in the day, I remember asking my mom if she would ever wear bell-bottoms (which were making a comeback) again, like she had as a teen. She said, no, she couldn't do it again.

I can totally relate now. Like, gag me with a spoon.

BTW, can you believe what I just saw in the Victoria's Secret catalog? I didn't even wear those the first time around!

What did you love to wear in the 80s?


  1. Stirrup pants are NOT back. No. No, they can't be! Sigh - who am I kidding - they're back, and I'm gonna wear them. I'm just really hoping super low-rise jeans don't come back in 10 years - it's not gonna be so cool in my 40's.
    Anyway, great blog!
    - Ava (maman jolie)

  2. Yes stirups! Personally my fav from the 80s: LEGWARMERS!!!!!! I wear them in public, under my pants, ha!