Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Birthday Shorts - 2012

Andrew is all about shorts these days. I can count on one hand the number of times he has willingly worn pants since the weather turned colder. It was a battle to get him to wear socks, until he picked out a pair of Lightning McQueen sneakers at Payless. Yeah, the kind that light up when he jumps. Not my first choice, but at least I know he won't be getting frostbite on his wee little toesies.

But back to the shorts. He actually picked this fabric out about a year ago--I was going to make pajama pants for him. A year later, I barely had enough to make him shorts for his fourth birthday.

So, Andrew got a birthday garment celebrating two of his loves...shorts and mobiles. ("Moviles," as he calls them.) He likes all things that move, and these shorts sure do allow him to move his cute little four-year-old legs!


  1. Cute! Four year old little boys are just the funniest little creatures!

  2. Oh, those are so cute!!! Teddy is quite choosy about what he wears too -- it's all about picking your battles, know what I mean?