Monday, June 24, 2013

Nice Trip

I ran today for the first time in a month.  A month!  I think I had gained five pounds.  This body has to move if it is going to be/stay healthy.  Nothing else to it.

But there was an incident today.

I tripped.  In the second before I hit my knees and rasped my palms against the asphalt, I remember realizing I was not going to be able to stop myself from falling and anticipating pain.  Bam!  I looked up, slapped my hands on the ground in frustration and got up.  I dusted myself off, smoothed my running skort and checked for injuries.  Scraped up left elbow, hole in pants of right knee, scrape underneath.  Pride, slightly dented.

A man up ahead yelled to me was I OK?  He said I was the second person he had seen trip in the same spot.  (Pride undented a bit.)  Not one for litigation, I simply stated I should be more careful.  I walked ten yards then resumed my run, four more miles.  The adrenaline boost may have shaved a minute off my time.  Nothing hurt until I got back to the car.

Well, no big d.  I figure that besides being hit by a bike or car, or falling off a cliff or some sort of ledge, this is the worst injury I could sustain while running.  Right?  (Knock on wood.)  That said, it's just not fun to fall when you are forty-plus years old.

Nice trip.

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  1. I've also tripped once - running through the Sotheby's parking lot at Boronda & CV Road. Only husband has taken a few more falls... The worst thing is the hole in the pants - those things aren't cheap!

    Recover well & keep on running!