Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Watch This! : Persuasion (2007), Persuasion (1995), Mansfield Park (2007), Austenland

I've been on a Jane Austen bender, I'll admit.

After reading Persuasion last month, I watched the two most recent film versions beginning with the 2007.  I thought it could have been better, though Rupert Penry-Jones, made a pretty good Captain Wentworth.  I decided to give the 1995 version a try, and it was much better!  Both leads (Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds) gave very good performances.  I haven't ventured into any of the earlier versions as the hair and makeup often seem too tinged by the fashion of the day, know what I mean?  But I would definitely take recommendations...

Mansfield Park (2007) popped up on Netflix and I don't know how I had missed it!  It was much more true to the text than the 1999 version.  In fact, it was delightful!  There were some liberties taken, but I feel the adaptation was quite true to the spirit of the story, so I have no complaints.  Plus, I can't get Edmund's (Blake Ritson) eyes out of my head!

And...Austenland.  Fun, fun, fun!  A few minutes in and I thought, this could be cheesy.  Moments later, I revised, ok, cheese on cheese!  But as the film went on it just became more and more fun.  It helps to be a Jane Austen fan to really get this movie, but my hubby thought it was pretty cute, and he has never read Austen (though he has kindly sat through several film adaptations with me).  The cast was great.  A darling little movie--at 97 minutes, it is watchable on a school night!

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