Monday, July 13, 2015

Book o' the Month: The Sea

The Sea, the sea.

For the past few summers, I have read a book with the word "sea" in the title while vacationing by the sea.  Seemed like a fun idea. has turned out that the three books I have read, have basically been the same story:  middle aged man returns to a place by the sea and contemplates his past.  Two of the books were written by prominent women writers and two won the Booker Prize.  Each has it's merits, wonderful writing, themes and allusions worthy of academic literary review (IMHO).  See my previous posts here and here.

I enjoyed the narrative style of John Banville's novel, my most recent read.  He is a brilliant writer.  And it was a good book to read with the sound of gently crashing waves in the background.

So, nothing personal, Mr. Banville.  But, next summer, I want a change of subject matter!

Dear readers, any suggestions??

Now...take a gander at what Adrienne has to suggest this month on Turn the Page ... Tuesday over at Some of a Kind!

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  1. oh yes! Sea Glass by Anita Shreve ... so good - especially when read by the ocean!