Monday, October 17, 2016

Book o' the Month: Beowulf

Valerie read Beowulf in her language arts class, and since I have always been curious about it, I checked it out from the library.  This version is a prose retelling published for young readers.  It was easy to read, easy to understand, but definitely chilling, violent, and gory!  In fact, I have come to the conclusion that Grendel is the most terrifying creature I have ever come across in literature.  And, now that I have read this telling, I would like to explore Seamus Heaney's translation--since I had my first and last brush with Old English in tenth grade with the Canterbury Tales.  (My sister and some of my high school friends can still recite several lines from memory!)

I asked Valerie to draw her vision of the nine sea-monsters.  Here's what she came up with!

Also the stuff of nightmares, no?  Just in time for Halloween!

P.S.  Still reading Anna Karenina.  Down to the last 200 pages.

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